Your ‘Go To” Company for Soldier Digitization

  • Focused on meeting the challenge of fully digitizing the ‘tactical edge’: those commanders, soldiers, operators, and sensor systems conducting dismounted operations at the company level and below.
  • Team Awareness Kit (TAK) as a foundational battle management building block.
  • Utilizes KWESST proprietary TASCS “Tactical And Situational Control System” software development toolset that enables sensor and effector integration with battle management software applications.
  • Chosen by General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada (GDMS-C) to develop a showcase next-generation digitized soldier system.
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KWESST Dismounted Digitization Architecture

Enabling operators and soldiers at the ‘tactical edge’ through a three-layered architectural vision that guides KWESST product and capability development strategies, and has, at its heart, a Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) integration and data-exchange approach.

  • Tactical Internet of Things (IoT) Layer
    • Niche sensor and effector products that enhance operator/soldier Lethality and Survivability
  • Tactical Edge Data Integration and Processing Layer
    • Enabling Modularity and Adaptability
    • Team Awareness Kit (TAK)
    • MESH Communications solutions
    • Power and Security Management
    • Supporting EUDs, Hubs and mission manager hardware
  • Enterprise Command and Control (C2) Gateway Layer
    • Modularity and Adaptability through integration into higher level Land C4ISR open systems architectures via common messaging and data standards

TASCS IFM (“Integrated Fires Module”)

  • Extends the TASCS app to “Joint Fires” on indirect fire weapons like mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, artillery and more.
  • Converts these ”dumb” legacy weapon systems to “smart” precision weapons without any modification to the weapon or ammunition.
  • Fits squarely with most “Joint Fires” modernization programs in the U.S. and other NATO countries.

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