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Comprehensive Critical Incident Management System (CIMS) architecture:

  • Native Cloud-based Microsoft environment (MS Azure) with Team Awareness Kit (TAK)
  • Seamless fusion and sharing of crucial real-time position location, imagery, and targeted time-sensitive emergency services data and information for the effective and coordinated delivery of emergency services, including rescue, fire suppression, emergency medical care, special operations, law enforcement, and other forms of hazard control and mitigation. 
  • Supporting stakeholders from Emergency Operations Centres (EOC), Incident Command Post (ICP), Incident Commanders, and all first responders whether mobile or dismounted
  • Data managed and stored in compliance with NFPA 1600


Low Risk and Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • CIMS Solution builds upon your existing investments in communications networks, mapping tools, and office tools such as Microsoft Office 365
  • CIMS Solution enables critical incident management workflows to extend through multiple agencies to EOC and ICP teams as well as to staff and volunteers working from anywhere 
  • For First Responders, CIMS adds Team Awareness Kit (TAK) as a foundational, mobile phone based, mutual situational awareness building block
  • Cost of implementation, initial training, continuation training, and technical support is a fraction of the costs and time currently charged for other solutions


  • Through the MS Azure cloud and TAK, data at rest and data in transit is secured through a multi-layered security approach for protection against threats such as DDoS

CIMS supports YOUR processes and procedures to meet YOUR Emergency Management needs

  • No two jurisdictions are the same. No matter your critical incident risks and planning priorities, and no matter your current processes and procedures, our CIMS solution enables how you conduct operations NOW


    • Our CIMS Solution enables and can support implementation of an order of communication precedence list based on Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency.
    • FirstNet compatible
    • KWESST is designated as an authorized integrator of Persistent Systems wave-relay products.

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